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Multipurpose garden tools
If you’re in the market for a string trimmer, consider this new trend in lawn and garden gear – multipurposing. You buy one power head, which usually comes with a straight-shaft string trimmer. But then you can buy other attachments, like the pole chain saw shown, a cultivator, a leaf blower, a grass edger or even a hedge trimmer.

Some manufacturers offer battery-powered models with interchangeable attachments, but if you want the power and run-time of a gas-powered Troy Bilt base model. It comes in at about $129, with additional accessories costing $60 to $100 each. You can switch from one attachment to another in less than 30 seconds. You save money by not having to buy a dedicated machine for each task, and you have only one engine to maintain for all these different tools.

The string trimmer can be purchased here and it’s attachments can be found here.